Banking Resources

7 Benefits of a Checking Account

Learn about the benefits of a free checking account and the top reasons you should consider opening your own account with a credit union.

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5 Personal Finance Myths from Social Media You Should Ignore

Can you trust financial advice on social media? Learn what to look for in finfluencer credibility & steer clear of these 5 personal finance myths.

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How to Protect Your Identity and Other Assets

Use these tips to help prevent identity theft and keep your assets safe.

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Bank Account Basics: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Personal Finances

Learn the fundamentals of personal banking with details on checking accounts, savings accounts, budgeting and deciding where to manage your money.

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What It Means to Be a Credit Union Member

Although banks and credit unions appear to be similar, there is a major difference in how they are structured and who they primarily serve.

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Personalized Banking in the Digital Age

What if there was a way to take the good parts from digital banking and combine them with the personalized banking experience in branches in person?

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Banking Videos

Visit the OneAZ Credit Union YouTube channel for more videos.

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