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Application Checklist

To complete your loan application you will need the following.

Loan Information:

  • Type of loan you are applying for
  • Desired Term of the loan
  • Down payment amount (optional)
  • Maximum loan amount you would like to request
  • Preferred payment due date
  • OneAZ Credit Union account numbers (for optional automatic payment services)

Vehicle Information:

  • Purchase price
  • Name, phone number, account number, and mailing address of lien holder (if applicable)
  • Vehicle VIN number (located on the left dashboard)
  • Make/Model/Year
  • Transmission type (i.e. automatic or manual)
  • Engine size (i.e. # of cylinders & # of liters)
  • Engine type i.e. gasoline or diesel)
  • Vehicle’s mileage
  • List of all options on the vehicle that will add value to the retail amount (i.e. power windows, power door locks, tilt wheel and cruise control)

Personal Information:

  • Two most recent pay stubs (only if stipulated by approving loan officer)
  • Two years tax returns (only for self employed or 1099 income if stipulated by approving loan officer)
  • A copy of your driver’s license.

Note: If you are applying for joint credit with another person, you will need the same information about your co-applicant.

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